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We have just 1 simple goal- Help gardeners figure out the herbs to plant together for the best result. Begin your search by selecting something you’d like to plant below.

Plant basil
Plant basil with companion plants ————————-

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Plant chamomile
Plant chamomile with companion plants ————————-

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Plant dill
Plant dill with companion plants ————————-

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Plant oregano
Plant oregano with companion plants ————————-

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Plant parsley
Plant parsley with companion plants ————————-

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Plant rosemary
Plant rosemary with companion plants ————————-

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Plant sage
Plant sage with companion plants ————————-

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Plant savory with companion plants ————————-

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Plant spearmint
Plant spearmint with companion plants ————————-

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Plant thyme
Plant thyme with companion plants ————————-

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Herb, Spice, and Mint Companion Planting

What is Herb Companion Planting?

Companion planting is the process of planting complimentary plants near one another so that the greatest result is achieved. In many cases, various vegetables, herbs, and flowers are planted alongside one-another, benefiting one or many plants in doing so.

Benefits of Herb Companion Planting

Companion plating is beneficial in a number of ways.

  • Save space by planting plants in close proximity
  • Avoid pest issues by planting pest-deterrents near to pent targets
  • Avoid or reduce the occurrence of various plant diseases
  • Weed control
  • Soil preservation

What is an Herb Companion Planting Chart

The companion planting charts on this website are intended to provide general guidelines as to which plants can be planted together for mutual benefit. This is just a guide and we recommend experimenting on your own!

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