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If you own a farm your options for companion planting are a lot higher than if you live in an apartment. Many of us don’t own a farm and the good news is that Garden Tower 2 can help with that. Garden Tower 2 is a really interesting product since its a two in one system, having both a compost tube and enough space for 50 plants.  In this review we will cover the Garden Tower 2, keep reading below to learn more.

Editor’s Review of Garden Tower 2

They call themselves the world’s most advanced gardening container, and it seems to stand to the claim with all the features included in the Garden Tower 2. This is the first tower to have a compost tube going down the center where you can add your household organic waste in order to turn it into compost (food for your plants). The other amazing thing is that you can grow up to 50 plants in such a small area, it seems like the ultimate solution to growing a garden in a small area. Some more of the key features are:

  • Wide-legged stance for increase sturdiness
  • Ball bearing rotation with one hand ease
  • Vermicompost system 
  • Smart watering – only need to water from the top

Garden Tower 2 is really an interesting gardening solution, the number of plants and additional features makes it stand out from the crowd of vertical garden systems. The pockets for plants you would expect to be pretty small holding about 50 plants in total but they’re pretty large openings, easy for the planting of seeds or even starter plants. 

Final Thoughts

Overall customers seem to really enjoy having the Garden Tower 2 with overall reviews at 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon. This is a great recommendation for anyone looking for more out of their gardening space.  The consensus is that it’s pretty easy to use, it has extra large storage capacity and it has an excellent build quality.

Product Specifications

Information Details
Soil Capacity 6 cu.ft
Weight 34 pounds
Plants Up to 50 plants!
Amazon Reviews 4.4 Stars
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