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In the following review, we will be covering the T4U stackable vertical planter garden pot with caddy. Sometimes your garden project really all depends on how much space you have in order to grow all of the plants you’re interested in. Gardening planters like the T4U that are vertical in style can definitely use a small space in order to grow more plants. Use this review to your advantage, we want to make sure you make the best choice possible when starting your gardening project, that way your plants can grow happily.

Editor’s Review of T4U’s 6-Tiered Planter

This particular vertical planter has a total of 6-tiers, with each one having enough room for three plants. Making it a total of 18 plants that can be grown at once. There’s a good amount of space in each pot allowing you to grow any of your favorite plants from flowers, fruits, herbs, and vegetables. The great thing about vertical planters is that you don’t have to water each plant individually, this planter has the “smart watering system”  where the water from the top will pour down to the lower stacks.

If you decide to move the garden (sunlight or other reasons) you can since this vertical planter does come with a rolling caddy allowing you to move your plants pretty easily. The caddy also serves a second purpose where if you over water the plants it does have a raised rim around it that can store the excess water keeping the area clean where it’s placed.

Final Thoughts

This stackable Garden Tower can be used as separate plant pots or you can customize it and stack them on top of each other. It has overall really good reviews on Amazon and customers tend to agree on it being a good product. Although there are some customer concerns as far as the quality and the rigidness of the plastic. Overall it is still a really simple solution when you don’t have enough space and are wanting to start your own companion planting.

Product Specifications

Information Details
Soil Volume 28 Quarts
Weight 6.25 pounds
Plants Up to 18 plants
Amazon Reviews 4.3 Stars
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