Planting Beets in your Garden

An incredibly tasty vegetable that most home gardeners skip over, the beet is actually a great addition to any home garden due to the small amount of space they require. Being that beets grow beneath the soil’s surface, they require deeper, well-drained garden beds. If soil is too dense, it can cause the beets to be tough.

Plant Beets with these Great Vegetables, Herbs, and Flowers

Plant broccoli

Plant broccoli with Beets

Plant brussels sprouts

Plant brussels sprouts with Beets

Plant cabbage

Plant cabbage with Beets

Plant cauliflower

Plant cauliflower with Beets

Plant chives

Plant chives with Beets

Plant garlic

Plant garlic with Beets

Plant kohlrabi

Plant kohlrabi with Beets

Plant leek

Plant leek with Beets

Plant lettuce

Plant lettuce with Beets

Plant onions

Plant onions with Beets

Plant spinach

Plant spinach with Beets

Plant radish

Plant radish with beets

Beet Antagonists (do NOT plant Beets with these)

So you’ve decided to plant beets in your fantasitc garden, nice! According to our research on beets, we don’t recommend planting beans (pole and runner beans), and tomatoes nearby.

Tips for Planting and Growing Beets in your Garden

Beets grow best in a cooler climate. They can be grown year-round in most southern states, but do poorly when temperatures are above 80. Once soil temperatures reach above 40 degrees, beets can safely be planted in northern gardens. Beets can be planted close together in partial shade, with just 1 or 2 inches between each seed. For a continuous harvest, plant each group of beets about 3-4 weeks apart.

Beets are ready for harvest fairly quickly, with just 7 to 8 weeks of growing time before reaching maturity. When harvesting beets, simply grab the beet where the stalks meet the soil, and firmly pull the beet from the ground. The leaves of the beet, known as beet greens, can also be harvested while the beet is being grown. Simply snip a few leaves from each juvenile beet plant, wash them off, and enjoy them in a delicious salad. These delicious “bonus” greens are also good for you, as they are an ample source of vitamins A, C, and E.

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