Planting Spinach in your Garden

Spinach is often referred to as a “superfood” due to its nutrient density. It contains a plethora of vitamins and minerals crucial to a healthy lifestyle. Its mild savory flavor is used in a wide variety of dishes, and it is often considered a very versatile vegetable. Not only is it great for accompanying a tasty meal, spinach is often used in salads, juices, and smoothies for its flavor and extremely high nutritional value.

Plant Spinach with these Great Vegetables, Herbs, and Flowers

Plant Beans
Plant Beans with spinach ————————-

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Plant broccoli
Plant broccoli with spinach ————————-

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Plant brussels sprouts
Plant brussels sprouts with spinach ————————-

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Plant cabbage
Plant cabbage with spinach ————————-

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Plant cauliflower
Plant cauliflower with spinach ————————-

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Plant celery
Plant celery with spinach ————————-

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Plant eggplant
Plant eggplant with spinach ————————-

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Plant kohlrabi
Plant kohlrabi with spinach ————————-

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Plant leek
Plant leek with spinach ————————-

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Plant lettuce
Plant lettuce with spinach ————————-

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Plant melons
Plant melons with spinach ————————-

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Plant nasturtium
Plant nasturtium with spinach ————————-

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Plant peas
Plant peas with spinach ————————-

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Plant potato
Plant potatoes with spinach ————————-

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Plant radish
Plant radishes with spinach ————————-

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Plant strawberries with spinach ————————-

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Plant tomato
Plant tomatoes with spinach ————————-

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Spinach Antagonists (do NOT plant Spinach with these)

Are you going to plant spinach in your garden? According to our research, you can (and should!) plant spinach alongside anything!

Tips for Planting and Growing Spinach in your Garden

There are several varieties of spinach, which will determine what your best planting season is. It is a crop that does best in cool to cold climates. Savoy varieties, those with dark, crinkly leaves, are best planted in the fall. Savoy spinaches develop a pleasant crisp when exposed to cold weather. Smooth-leafed spinach is better for warmer seasons, and grows much more quickly. This is the type of spinach preferred in a salad.

When planting spinach, make sure to choose an area that enjoys ample sunlight. Even though extreme heat is bad for the plant, it does tend to thrive more when there is adequate sun exposure. Pick soil with good drainage and slight acidity. Be sure to generously fertilize the soil, as spinach loves nutrient-rich earth to grow in. To harvest spinach in the spring, plant 4-6 weeks before the last frost, and harvest before the days reach 14 hours of sunlight. For a fall harvest, plant 6-8 weeks before the first frost. For an overwinter yield, plant your spinach in the later half of the fall and enjoy a small harvest before it goes dormant. With this strategy, you’ll enjoy an early harvest the next year.

With careful planting, care, and watering, you’ll enjoy a healthy harvest of this healthy vegetable. It is preferred to carefully remove the outer leaves when harvesting, even though it is very easy to uproot the entire plant. Removing the outer leaves will allow the inner leaves to mature more, and create a more productive yield.

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