Planting Tomatoes in your Garden

The tomato is well regarded as one of the most versatile foods with a multitude of diverse uses. Tomatoes can be consumed raw, or as an element in many dishes, sauces, and drinks. It is well known that the tomato is a fruit, and is actually considered a berry. Despite this designation, it is the perfect companion for many savory dishes.

Plant Tomato with these Great Vegetables, Herbs, and Flowers

Plant asparagus
Plant asparagus with tomatoes ————————-

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Plant basil
Plant basil with tomatoes ————————-

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Plant borage
Plant borage with tomatoes ————————-

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Plant carrots
Plant carrots with tomatoes ————————-

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Plant celery
Plant celery with tomatoes ————————-

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Plant chives
Plant chives with tomatoes ————————-

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Plant garlic
Plant garlic with tomatoes ————————-

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Plant lettuce
Plant lettuce with tomatoes ————————-

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Plant marigold
Plant marigolds with tomatoes ————————-

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Plant onions
Plant onions with tomatoes ————————-

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Plant parsley
Plant parsley with tomatoes ————————-

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Plant spinach
Plant spinach with tomatoes ————————-

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Tomato Antagonists (do NOT plant Tomatoes with these)

So you’ve decided to plant tomatoes in your fantasitc garden, nice! According to our research on tomatoes, we don’t recommend planting broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, kohlrabi, beets, corn, fennel, peas, potatoes, dill, rosemary, and walnut trees nearby.

Tips for Planting and Growing Tomatoes in your Garden

Tomatoes can be grown in a variety of locations including the ground, in pots, in window boxes, or even in raised beds. It is best to start your plants indoors about 6-8 weeks before the last frost; to ensure they’ve fully germinated and begun to grow by the time frost is no longer a threat. Transplant your tomato plant into a 2-foot deep hole in neutral to very lightly acidic soil. Using a steak will help guide and support the growth of the plant. If there are any suckers on the vines, remove them, but do leave some on the top to prevent scalding from the sun. Tomato plants love nutrients, so fertilize frequently and generously.

With plenty of sunlight and water, your tomato plant should be ready to harvest within 50 or 60 days. Although this is a complicated process, you’re rewarded with a fresh batch of a very useful and delicious food.

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