Planting Celery in your Garden

One of the most difficult vegetables to grow, celery requires a laundry list of preparation and care in order to grow a bountiful crop. Aside from nutrient rich soil, temperature sensitivities, and higher than normal water needs, celery requires a quite elaborate blanching technique towards the latter part of the growth cycle to ensure the crop doesn’t become bitter and inedible.

Plant Celery with these Great Vegetables, Herbs, and Flowers

Plant bush beans with celery ————————-

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Plant cabbage
Plant cabbage with celery ————————-

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Plant cosmos
Plant cosmos with celery ————————-

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Plant cucumber
Plant cucumber with celery ————————-

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Plant daisies
Plant daisies with celery ————————-

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Plant leek
Plant leek with celery ————————-

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Plant marigold
Plant marigolds with celery ————————-

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Plant marjoram
Plant marjoram with celery ————————-

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Plant nasturtium
Plant nasturtium with celery ————————-

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Plant snapdragons with celery ————————-

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Plant spinach
Plant spinach with celery ————————-

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Plant tomato
Plant tomatoes with celery ————————-

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Celery Antagonists (do NOT plant Celery with these)

So you’ve decided to plant celery in your fantasitc garden, nice! According to our research on celery, we don’t recommend planting carrots, corn, potato, and aster nearby.

Tips for Planting and Growing Celery oin your Garden

Starting a celery crop from a transplant is the preferred way for most home gardeners to introduce celery to their garden beds, but celery can also be grown from seed. When starting from seed, seeds should be sown 10-12 weeks before the last spring frost, then transplanted to puts after they reach 2 inches tall. Once the potted celery reaches 6-8 inches, harden the plants off for about a week, and then move them to the garden. Plant your crop in a bright spot in the garden that doesn’t receive direct sun, and space them 6 to 8 inches apart in rows. Liberally apply mulch to the area, and water at least 1 inch a week. Celery also benefits from bi-weekly fertilizing.

Blanching your celery crop during its growth will prevent any of the stalks from becoming bitter. Two weeks before you are ready to harvest, it’s time to blanch your celery crop. Using twine, tie the tops of each celery plant together. Take an old can, pipe, or milk carton, and place it over the celery stalks so they are completely covered and do not receive any light. Doing this will lighten the color of the celery stalks, and keep some of the sweet flavor in the stalk after harvesting. To harvest your celery crop, take a sharp knife and cut the stalks off just below the soil line.

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