Planting Cilantro in your Garden

One of the most widely used ingredients all around the world is cilantro since the entire plant is edible plenty of applications in cuisine are done. It natively grows in different regions of Europe but it has been found as a cultivated plant since the Bronze Age. The leaves have a strong aroma and make these beautiful shapes that are begging to be used on your next dish. Across the world, cilantro is called coriander its mainly in the United States that these leaves are called something different than the plant name itself. Coriander is reserved for when using the seeds from the plant.

Plant Cilantro with these Great Vegetables, Herbs, and Flowers

Plant Beans
Plant Beans with cilantro ————————-

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Plant bush beans with cilantro ————————-

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Plant cabbage
Plant cabbage with cilantro ————————-

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Plant celery
Plant celery with cilantro ————————-

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Plant coriander
Plant coriander with cilantro ————————-

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Plant lettuce
Plant lettuce with cilantro ————————-

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Plant peas
Plant peas with cilantro ————————-

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Plant spinach
Plant spinach with cilantro ————————-

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Cilantro Antagonists (do NOT plant Cilantro with these)

Cilantro gives an amazing fresh flavor to your dish, when you grow cilantro it is best to avoid growing dill alongside it.

Tips for Planting and Growing Cilantro in your Garden

Hot temperatures really make cilantro grow fast, they need a lot of sun and warmer climates. Typically they can grow as fast as 3 weeks with the proper cultivation of the soil and growth tactics. Cultivating the soil with compost to a depth of 16-18 inches and giving it plenty of moisture will help with the growth as well. Then as the young plants are starting to grow, a great tip is to snip off the top of the stem where the flowering buds appear that way all of the growth remains focused on the leaves. Keep alert for when the plant has seeds because cilantro has a short life cycle and will soon after begin dying.

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