Planting Nasturtium in your Garden

A member of the garden that has a variety of purposes is often one of the most valuable plants, yet the nasturtium is not commonly found in home gardens. This fully edible plant is very easy to grow, and can even be trained to climb trellis or fences. As a border plant for home gardens, nasturtium thrives in less than desirable soil, and also attracts aphids away from your crop-producing plants.

Plant Nasturtium with these Great Vegetables, Herbs, and Flowers

Plant beets
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Plant broccoli
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Plant brussels sprouts
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Plant cabbage
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Plant dill
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Plant kohlrabi
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Plant pumpkin
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Plant spinach
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Plant zucchini
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Nasturtium Antagonists (do NOT plant Nasturtium with these)

So you’ve decided to plant nasturtium in your garden? According to our research on nasturtium, you can plant anything nearby!

Tips for Planting and Growing Nasturtium in your Garden

Nasturtium comes in over 50 different varieties, and all types prefer to be planted in areas with poor soil. Surprisingly, the plants blooms will be more vibrant and full in poor soil than if planted in rich soil. When planting nasturtium, soak the seeds in water overnight to encourage germination. Simply scatter the nasturtium seeds around the area where you’d like them to fill in. Water only when drought conditions are evident. As the plant grows, you can train the colorful vines to climb fences, trellises, or even nearby trees.

The nasturtium’s flowers and leaves are edible, and are often added to salads or used as garnish. They have a peppery flavor, similar to watercress lettuce. The nasturtium’s ability to “protect” your other crops makes it a very important piece of a home garden. The list of pests that are attracted to nasturtium includes crop-killers like aphids, blackflies, slugs, and more!

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